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ECFO is an operations-oriented finance advisory firm that has helped clients identify, build and protect the value of their Asian investments since 2001. Based in China, our multinational team of finance, accounting and operations specialists leverages decades of in-the-trenches experience in emerging and frontier markets to research and advise on investment decisions, manage company turnaround / transition and institute operational improvements and strengthened control mechanisms for our clients.

Integrated business modeling
Financial planning and analysis (FP&A)

Integrated business modeling
ECFO's integrated business modeling provides a custom-built projection tool to map out the company's future performance under different scenarios. Built on management's own assumptions and supplemented by the ECFO team's direct observations, the model measures and quantifies tradeoffs under different growth and investment decisions, giving powerful insight into the implications of various alternative corporate strategies going forward.

The integrated business model is a flexible tool with a number of practical applications, including:
- Strategic planning
- Fundraising
- Budgeting
- Project evaluation
- Corporate structuring
- Pricing
- Acquisition
- Work flow optimization

Basic model (Single-entity, single-location. Up to 3 scenarios, up to 5 products, up to 3 sales channels)
Service company: RMB 20,000
Trading company: RMB 40,000
Manufacturing company: RMB 80,000

* A discount of RMB 10,000 applies to 'greenfields' (companies that are entirely new, with no existing balances to carry over).

Custom model (A custom model can be scoped separately for more complex situations – for example a large number of products or channels, a longer time horizon or a more extensive research effort)
Pricing based on scope


Integrated business modeling
Service package
Financial planning and analysis (FP&A)
Integrate planning and performance tracking into the ongoing operations of your company. ECFO uses Decision Critical enterprise modeling software to create predictions and compare them to actual results.
- Yearly or quarterly budgeting exercises for existing businesses
- Monthly or quarterly variance analysis and steering
- Operational planning that ties into the financial forecast
- Cashflow forecasting and capital budgeting
- Early warning system for missed targets
- Add-on decision support services show the impact of a new decision on existing plans

ECFO often includes the FP&A package as an add-on on top of its accounting services. It can also be a stand-alone that supplements a traditional in-house bookkeeping team.

Monthly package: starting at RMB 6,000
Quarterly package: starting at RMB 12,000

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