Training and support
Designed to work efficiently and accurately without extensive IT support, the Decision Critical implementation process is amazingly simple and fast. No rigid configuration or coding is involved on the user end – just sign up, log in and start working. User-friendly menus guide teams easily through the data entry process as they build an accurate, individualized representation of the business.
As part of our product launch, Decision Critical is offering free initial training for users throughout 2018 - either online, at our offices, or on your premises. Plus, if you get stuck, free customer support from an experienced model-builder is available online, by phone or in person.

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Decision Critical staff work with you in the following ways to ensure you are always supported:
We help you define existing spreadsheet or other data for inclusion in your Decision Critical enterprise model and offer suggestions on migration.
Our experienced financial support and modeling staff may suggest improvements along the way.
We are available for introductory sessions and to guide the complete build-out of your company model whenever needed. You are never unsupported.
We ensure that you become comfortable and fluent in your use of Decision Critical. Because of the ease of program use, Decision Critical users typically become proficient very quickly, regardless of specialty area.
You benefit from regular, secure program updates direct to the cloud.
Your organization realizes the ongoing benefits of this smarter and faster analytic tool.
Schedule a demo or training session with one of our modeling specialists to learn more about what Decision Critical can do for you.