Build profits. Manage value. Make great decisions.
Cloud-based business modeling tool for strategic planning

Drive business success with:

Strategic planning
What-if analysis
Decision support
Business planning
Digital twin
Impact assessments
Scenario analysis
Product costing
Zero‑based budgeting
Feasibility studies
Sensitivity testing
Financial modeling
M&A Modeling
Transformation management

Decision Critical zero-based budgeting software out-simplifies and out-performs unwieldy spreadsheets and rigid budgeting programs

Dynamic flexibility

Clear analytics

Increased participation

Strategic planning

Identify and enhance key drivers of success

Decision support

Isolate a decision and quantify its impact

Financial analysis

Access detailed financials in a fully automated report writer

Operations modeling

Integrate operational assumptions with financial outcomes

Dynamic budgeting

Optimize outcomes and prepare contingency plans


Make decisions according to impact on business value

Cash forecasting

Understand and respond to working capital dynamics


Drill-down to product-level contribution

Modeling in a few steps

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